Recording type

This refers to the configuration of the recording you are submitting, for example a single, album, or audiovisual (a recording which has a video component, for example a video clip or a videorecording of a live concert) release. Please note that recordings with more than 5 original tracks (ie not including remixes or other alternate versions) are considered ‘albums’, while anything up to 5 original tracks is considered a single. Please note also that the Recording Type is not concerned with the format of the release, for example a collection of seven original tracks released digitally is still considered an ‘album’.
NOTE:  If your release includes both an audio and audiovisual component, you will need to decide whether the release is being marketed as an audio release with the audiovisual content as an additional bonus or vice versa. When listing the tracks for releases such as these, please put ‘AUDIOVISUAL’ next to any tracks which are part of the audiovisual component.