Licensor Election

Information on candidates in the PPCA Licensor Representative Election

For the financial year commencing 1 July 2017




Ashley Gay (Xelon Entertainment Ltd)


 Ashley Gay  

Starting his music career as a radio DJ, Ashley’s first foray into the music industry was working with key Australian dance labels Pro-DJ & Central Station Records. Specialising in A&R he worked closely with the cream of local and international dance music artists as well as compiling and producing some of the most successful compilations in the market.

The arrival of the digital revolution allowed Ashley to combine his education in IT and computer science with his A&R skills to provide precise distribution solutions for the Australian dance music scene.

 As  Founding Director, he established Xelon Entertainment in late 2007 enabling his clients access to the world’s digital music platforms. In just under 10 years, Xelon has grown into a key industry player representing over 300 labels in all genres from specialist labels & independent artists to the most prominent Australian and International dance music labels. 




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David Vodicka (Rubber Music Pty Ltd) 



David Vodicka is the owner of Rubber Records and the principal of entertainment law firm Media Arts Lawyers and has had extensive experience with over 20 years practice representing musicians, artists, composers, and recording and publishing entities. He has dealt in all facets of law affecting the creative industries, and has had considerable hands on experience in the music recording and publishing fields as director of independent label Rubber Records and music publisher Rubber Music Publishing. He is a passionate advocate for local music and creative industries and presently is chairman of the board of AIR (the Australian Independent Record labels association) and is a current board member of ARIA (Australia Recording Industry Association).

He believes that the new digital era provides specific challenges for the recording industry and that ensuring that PPCA's members, and in particular the independent record labels,obtain a fair and equitable return for the public performance of their works is paramount.



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