Events & Festivals Tariff


In September 2011, PPCA wrote to all relevant licence holders regarding a review of the licensing scheme for events and festivals, inviting feedback on both a new draft tariff, and changes to an existing tariff.

We have now concluded our consideration of the various submissions received during the consultation period, and have finalised our tariffs for this sector which will come into effect on 1 July 2012.  Key modifications to the tariffs as originally drafted, stemming from licensee feedback, include the following:-

  • Reduction in fees.  Fees in almost all categories of the Tariff E4: ‘Music Events and Festivals’ have been reduced by up to 12.5%.  The only exception to this is the E4D category, which is linked to Tariff E2.  The E2 tariff was set by the Copyright Tribunal in 2007, and is subject to a CPI increase on 1 July 2012.  Though all other E4 Tariff Categories (E4A – E4C) were originally functions of the E2 rate also, this CPI increase has not been applied to those tariffs, each of which is now lower than the rate originally proposed.
  • Sound recording use between sets.  Events that only utilise sound recordings between acts (within certain parameters) will no longer fall under the proposed E4A tariff category, rather a separate Tariff (E4I) category has been established at a significantly lower rate.
  • Non-music events.  Events of a non-music nature that use sound recordings (eg; fashion shows, exhibitions) will be licensed under Tariff B: ‘Events and Festivals’, rather than Tariff E4.
  • Timing of new tariff implementation.  The new Tariff E4: ‘Music Events and Festivals’ was slated for implementation on 1 January 2012.  This implementation date has been postponed by 6 months, to 1 July 2012.
  • Multiple stage or performance areas.  The new Tariff E4 provides for greater individualised treatment of multiple stages or performance areas, resulting in more accurate tariff application to each area.

The current Tariffs are:

Due to the changes to tariff categories stemming from this review, current PPCA licences may no longer be appropriate to event and festival sound recording use following 1 July 2012.  Therefore event and festival licence holders should contact PPCA well in advance of upcoming events to discuss their licensing needs.

For any queries regarding these or other tariffs, contact the PPCA licensing team on 02 8569 1111 or