PPCA Licence online

OneMusic Australia is here!

OneMusic Australia is an APRA AMCOS and PPCA joint initiative that launched nationally on 1 July 2019.

OneMusic Australia will simplify the way all organisations obtain a public performance licence to play music.

If you need to obtain a public performance licence for activity that will commence after 1 July, you should go straight to OneMusic – you can reach the team on 1300 162 162 or by emailing hello@onemusic.com.au

If you already have a public performance licence with PPCA, the PPCA licensing team is still available to assist with your inquiries and can be reached on (02) 8569-1111 or at licensing.mail@ppca.com.au

The PPCA website continues to provide information on other ongoing PPCA licensing schemes, such as broadcast licenceswebcasting licences and simulcast licences.

Please read these instructions and press the "Next" button


Thank you for applying for your PPCA Licence online. The following information has been provided to assist you in completing the form.

Please note that the online form has been specifically designed for applicants with a single premise or business. Should you wish to apply for multiple-venues we suggest that you contact our Licensing Team on 02 8569 1111 or via email at licensing.mail@ppca.com.au for further assistance.

Getting started
You will find tabs for four categories under STEP 2 at the top of the form:

  • Sound Recordings
  • Music Videos
  • Telephone Music on Hold
  • Business Copying

You may find that more than one category is relevant to your business - for example a hotel may have an audio jukebox (ie sound recordings), play music videos and use telephone music on hold. If so, work through the relevant sections in sequence.

Once you have selected one of the four categories, a list of sub-categories will appear. From this list you can select and complete as many as apply, based on your use of recorded music. If you have not completed all the mandatory fields for a particular category (marked with an *) a red box will appear to indicate the area/s you have missed. These areas will also be outlined in red, and you will need to complete them before you can continue. Once you have completed a category you can return to the main list by clicking on the green triangle. The category you have completed will now be shown in bold.

If you accidentally select the wrong category, simply un-tick any boxes you may have selected to return to the main list.

Submitting form
Once you have completed all the relevant categories according to your use of recorded music, please click on the GENERAL DETAILS tab under STEP 3. This is where you provide us with your business contact details. Any field marked with an * is compulsory. Once you have completed this section simply press submit. You will then be presented with the opportunity to print your submission and / or receive a pdf copy via email.

You can access this help page at any stage by clicking the INSTRUCTIONS tab under STEP 1 at the top of the form.