Restaurant & Cafe Confirmation Form

Thank you for choosing to provide us with details regarding the continuation of your restaurant or café licence online. Please note that this form has been specifically designed for businesses presently licensed by PPCA for a restaurant or café following PPCA’s review of the tariff for those businesses.

The first step is to confirm whether you wish to maintain your current PPCA licence. If you elect to maintain your licence, you will then be asked to provide us with various details in order to allow PPCA to calculate licence fees for your venue.

We anticipate this form will only take a few minutes to complete. If you have multiple venues, please complete a form for each venue.

Please note that if you elect to cancel your PPCA licence, you will not be permitted to play protected sound recordings in your venue unless you have obtained appropriate alternative licences.

What happened with the PPCA Restaurant and Cafe Tariff Review?


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