Distribution Report

In this section you can access a list showing all of the sound recordings PPCA identified in the preceding distribution period reported as broadcast or publicly performed within the period.  All items displayed on the list are flagged to indicate whether the recording did or did not receive a PPCA distribution payment.


This list is published in accordance with the conditions imposed under the ACCC authorisations (i.e., A91041 and A91042) issued on 27 September 2007.


IMPORTANT – this list does not:

  • Specify recordings for which a sound recording licence is or is not required; or
  • Comprehensively list all recordings within PPCA’s repertoire.

For further details please carefully read the disclaimers set out below.


  1. The list relates only to those recordings reported to PPCA as having been broadcast or publicly performed in Australia in the previous financial year and which, on the information reviewed, PPCA has made a determination for distribution purposes that a payment should be made for either the public performance or broadcast of that recording..
  2. No representation is made as to whether or not any particular recording is protected in fact or law. In many cases PPCA has not made the detailed and complex factual and legal analysis required by the Copyright Act in order to conclusively determine whether or not any given recording is protected.
  3. The information listed relates to sound recordings reported as broadcast and / or publicly performed during the previous financial year (ending 30 June). The list is not current and is updated once a year after information relating to the previous financial year becomes available.
  4. The list does not cover a very large number of sound recordings that are protected or are likely to be protected under Australian copyright law.
  5. PPCA makes no representation as to the accuracy of any information in the list.
  6. The list cannot be relied upon as a defence to copyright infringement.
  7. The list does not apply to music video clips, all of which are protected.
  8. The list does not apply to sound recordings which have been used for webcast, simulcast, or as “music on hold” (including radio or television) during the period. All such uses are protected.
  9. Any recording that is not on the list cannot be assumed to be unprotected. PPCA makes no representation that any such recording is unprotected.
  10. PPCA does not represent that the list should be relied on by anyone for any purpose.

I have read and understood the disclaimers listed above (25mb)