Radio Fair Play


Radio Fair Play is a campaign by PPCA to ensure artists and rights holders (usually labels) are paid fairly for the use of their music.

· Artists and rights holders aren’t getting paid fairly for songs played on radio

· Profitable commercial radio stations and the ABC are protected from paying more by a legislated cap

· Get involved to help us remove the cap and negotiate better deal for you.

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Image (L-R): Paul Dempsey, Mark Seymour, Jack River


“We’re not asking for a handout…all we want is a negotiation” – Paul Dempsey 

“I don’t really understand why commercial radio is a protected species in this area” – Mark Seymour 

“It seems like commercial radio see playing Australian music as a favour” – Jack River 


Marcia Hines for Radio Fair Play

"Radio is killing the radio stars"

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