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This form must be completed for every recording/video for which you are claiming rights under this distribution scheme.

Please read carefully:

PPCA's distributions must be made annually and PPCA cannot retain funds from one year to the next. Distributions under the scheme are made on the best available airplay sample logs.

In the event that further recordings by an artist are relased after the date of lodging the recording details form, a supplementary recording details form should be submitted by the artist with the details; in particular, where eligible members of the band have changed.

Application forms may be lodged with PPCA at any time, however, for the inclusion in the current year's distribution they must be received at PPCA by no later than 31 August (e.g. year ending June 2012 will be distributed by 31 December 2012. Applications must be lodged by 31 August 2012).

Please keep us informed of your current address. If we are unable to locate artists for direct payment or a cheque is unpresented for more than four years, these monies will be paid to the record company owners of repertoire.

Distributions will be made annually. These will be made by cheque in Australian currency and will be made payable to and sent to the person or persons specified in the Artist Details form. The cheques will be accompanied by a statement specifiying relevant details including the period to which the payment relates and the sum payable to the artist.

A further condition of the scheme is that:

(1) members of an act or band performing as a band of equal billing (and entitled to collection of performance fees) will share in the payment in equal shares unless PPCA is advised to the contrary by all members of the band; and

(2) in the case of a featured artist (entitled to collect 100% of any artist or licence royalty payment by a record company) having various supporting musicians, such a featured artist will be the SOLE PARTY entitled to apply to join the direct distribution scheme and will be responsible for payment to their supporting musicians according to the contractual arrangements, if any, existing between them.

Please note, session musicians, producers and any persons who remix or sequence Australian recordings (e.g., recordings remixed and/or sequenced by DJs) are not eligible to join the Artist Distribution Scheme. If you are a session musician, producer or a DJ and have a contractual agreement with the artists to share in distributable licence fees any resulting contractual and administrative issues are to be resolved between yourselves and the artists.

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I warrant that the above information is true and correct and that I am the artist or have been authorised by the artist to complete this form on their behalf.  I acknowledge that whilst PPCA will use its best endeavours to determine the applicable distribution, the artist share can only be calculated on the basis of the provision of the correct and complete information.  I agree, should PPCA make any overpayments of distributions, for whatever reason, it reserves the right to recover these payments at any time by requesting return of monies or by deducting monies from future PPCA distributions.

If you believe any artist is eligible to register as an artist (with PPCA) in relation to this product please provide contact details (if known). Please note, providing these details does not constitute submitting registrations.

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