Register As A Licensor

What is a Licensor?

A licensor is one who holds the exclusive licence for the copyright in a recording and/or a music video.  This means you own the copyright in the recording itself – different from the copyright in the song.  This can involve independent artists and record labels.

You’re also a licensor if you have an exclusive licence agreement for Australia with the owner of a recording.  An example of this would be a local record label releasing in Australia a recording owned by an overseas record label.

So, rather than every sound recording copyright owner having to grant licences to every business playing their recordings in public, we handle the workload.  We currently collect licence fees from around 50,000 venues Australia-wide, including cafes, bars, fitness centres and shopping malls, as well as radio and TV stations.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for registration is a simple matter of filling out the Online Registration Form

If you would prefer to download the registration form, complete and return to PPCA, you can find a pdf version here.

After we receive your completed form, we create an Input Agreement that's sent to you to sign and return.  Here is a sample Input Agreement. At this stage we will also ask you to submit details to us of your recordings, where you own or represent the rights you have licensed to PPCA.

If you're an independent artist you might also like to register as an artist.