Lost Licensors

If your name is on this list, you've previously registered with us but we're no longer able to contact you . Please contact us as soon as possible.

3Way Entertainment
80 Five Entertainment
Adrian Follington
Adrian Frisina
Airom Bleicher
Aloha Management Pty Ltd
Amber Records Aust Pty Ltd
Amber Ursnik
Anamoe Productions
Andermer P.L.
Apertif Records Pty Ltd
Artistocrat P/L
Audrey Auld
August Way
Belles Will Ring
Ben McMaster
Benedict Woodley
Big Love Productions
Big Strum
Black Lakes Band
Brett Goodwin
Bryan Wiseman
Bunza Entertainment International Pty Ltd
Casual Projects
Catherine O'Brien
Chasin Aces
Chasin Aces
Chris Bresland
Colossal Records
Crusade Records
Cyndi And The Drums
D.TAnderton&S.A Barnes&E.E Fllores&P.T Hillier
Da Capo Singers
Dancing Heals
Dave Walker
Dear Stalker
Dual Image Productions
Ease From Absence
EB Music Productions Australia
Elektra Productions
Endgame Records
False Peak Records
Felix Wallis
Finley Miller
Floating Point Music Pty Ltd
Gerard Masters
Glencoe Records
Grainger Lock
Grandview Records
Grant Bulmer
Green Chimneys Records Pty Ltd
Greg Coulson
Guinlee Music
Hardrush Music Corporation Limited
Hindley Records
Horace Bones
Illegal Cargo Records
Isabel Dayman
J. Fox Soul Pty Ltd
J.A.M. Records
Jane Saunders
Jarrad Bowles
Jeanette Wormald
Jodie Ranger
Joel Barker Music
Jose Barroso
Kedron Taylor - Classic Australian Life
Keith Mason
KM Music
KMC Records
Kylie Scheiwe
Last House on the Left
Leonardo Esposito
Leticia Maher
Little Black Book
Lloyd Barber
Lolly Box Music Pty Ltd
Loon Lake
Lostraxx Records LLC
Louise Furney
Love Is My Velocity Pty Ltd
Lucian McGuiness
Lyfeik Records
Marcus Ross
Mark Pope Music
Marlin Records
Mat Recordings
Matthew Fagan
Michael Horsphol
Michelle Vlasak
Monique Boggia
Multiplay Music Ltd.
Murphy Media Academy Pty Ltd
Musik Lounge Records
Nanna’s Cane
Nasrah Muthmainnah
Natalie Neugebauer
Neil Wise
New Galaxy Records
Oliver Sol
One Way Frequency
Oracle Records
Paul Di Renzo
Phat Planet Music Media
Possum Music
Rage 8
Rayzor Records Pty Ltd
Rebecca Lloyd
Rebza Productions
Rendition Records
Revealmusix Ltd
Ricky McCormack
Ride A Wave Productions
Rob Longstaff
Rob Wilson
Rochelle Komar 
Rock Hawk Records Pty Ltd
Rocksugar Music Pty Ltd
Rod Dowsett
Rose Entertainment
Ryan Enright
Ryan Toohey
Ryjo Records Pty Ltd
S.J Braithwaite-Lloyd & S.W Marynissen
Sam Buckingham
Sarah Tuckerman
Scoundrel Records
Screensong Pty Ltd
Selection Records
Shane Kavanagh
Shannon Lewis
SJE Records
Sly City Entertainment
Sokaris Music
Sotto Voce Music
Speak N' Spell Records P/L
Stephen Farquhar
Stereolife Records
Steven Thomson
Stringmansassy Pty Ltd
Stuart Robertson
Sub Continental Dub
Subterranean Records
Sunday Morning Records
Super Wild Horses
Swaggie Records
Tara Simmons
Teacup Music
The Chaperones
The Dead Abigails
The Hanging Tree
The Majestika Creative
The On Fires
Thirds Music
Tiffany Eckhardt
Translator Records
Triple 7 Records
Trojan House Records
United Music Entertainment Pty Ltd
United World Artists
Vyvyan Lyde
Warrior Girl Music
Way Of The Eagle Pty Ltd
Your Angle Pty Ltd

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