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A Non-Interactive Radio station is where listeners cannot control what sound recordings are streamed or when the sound recordings are streamed.

For example, a listener is not permitted to select a sound recording or program to listen to on demand (such as a podcast) or to pause, fast forward or skip sound recordings or programs.

A Semi-Interactive/Customised Internet Radio station is where listeners can control the sound recordings that are streamed by selecting particular genres, expressing preferences for particular artists, or pausing or fast forwarding the sound recordings. However, under this licence, a user is not permitted to select a particular sound recording as part of an on demand service (such as a podcast).


Additional Information

  1. This is an application only and it does not provide the applicant with any right to reproduce, broadcast or communicate PPCA Sound Recordings or to perform any PPCA Sound Recordings in public.
  2. The licence (if granted by PPCA) will allow you to stream PPCA Sound Recordings as part of your streaming service within Australia unless otherwise agreed with PPCA.
  3. The licence(if granted by PPCA) will not authorise you to:

    • reproduce, transmit, distribute, communicate to the public or otherwise use any PPCA Sound Recordings for a purpose other than providing the approved webcasting service;
    • provide the webcasting service to a user under a commercial arrangement, the primary purpose of which is to facilitate the public performance of the webcasting service or the PPCA Sound Recordings(including, without limitation, as a commercial background music service);
    • reproduce, transmit, distribute, communicate to the public or otherwise use any sound recording that is not a PPCA Sound Recording at the time of your use; or
    • use any musical, literary or artistic works, or any other copyright-protected subject matter, which may be embodied in a PPCA Sound Recording. If you wish to use any such works or other subject matter, you must obtain a separate licence from the copyright owner or from an organisation authorised to grant such licences, such as the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).
  4. Upon approval by PPCA of your application, payment of a non refundable Initial Guarantee may be required prior to execution of a licence by PPCA. The PPCA Streaming Licence does not commence until such Initial Guarantee has been paid and the licence has been signed by you and PPCA

Privacy Statement

PPCA respects the privacy of your personal information. We handle your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This Privacy Statement explains our policy for handling personal information and should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which provides more detailed information about how we collect, use and store your personal information.

COLLECTION: We need to collect the information requested for the purpose of assessing your application, granting you a licence for the webcasting of sound recordings, administering the licence and for closely related business purposes.

CONSEQUENCES OF NOT PROVIDING INFORMATION: If you do not provide all of the information requested, it may prevent us from processing your application. In addition, your licence may not match your actual use of sound recordings, and you may infringe copyright in some sound recordings.

USE AND DISCLOSURE: We will use and disclose personal information only for the purposes for which it is collected or in accordance with the Privacy Act, including:

  • assessing webcasting licence applications, granting and administering webcasting licences;
  • maintaining licensing records;
  • providing information to PPCA licensees on licensing matters and music industry events and information. If you do not wish to receive this type of information, please contact our Privacy Officer;
  • providing information to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for the purpose of its licensing activities;
  • providing information to Music Rights Australia and our licensors for the purpose of licence verification;
  • to other collecting societies on a confidential basis;
  • providing information as authorised or required by law; and
  • with your consent.

ACCESS: Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to seek access to any personal information that we hold about you, unless we are permitted by law to withhold access to that information. Any requests for access to your personal information should be made in writing to the Privacy Officer at PPCA, PO Box Q20, Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230 or via email:

For more information about how we handle your personal information, please refer to our detailed Privacy Policy.

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