Religious Institutions Live Streaming

PPCA acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant challenges to places of worship that hold religious services – particularly due to public health advice and restrictions which limit the number of people that can attend a religious service.  Due to these extraordinary circumstances, PPCA has been offering religious institutions a complimentary live streaming licence on a temporary basis. The complimentary licence allows religious institutions to live stream their worship services where commercially released sound recordings are used as part of the worship service. PPCA advises that this complimentary live streaming licence will expire on 31 January 2022.

From 1 February 2022, PPCA will implement a new licence for the live streaming of such worship services.  The new licence will enable religious institutions to live stream religious services which use PPCA sound recordings to their members and congregation on an ongoing basis for an annual fee. PPCA sound recordings are recordings which are owned or controlled by PPCA Licensors. You can find a list of PPCA’s Licensors here.

Religious institutions will be able to make their live stream (which includes PPCA sound recordings) available to their members and congregation from their own website (via private secure link), or through third party services such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will not be covered by the licence.

For further details about the licence conditions and applicable rates, please review the Key Terms document.

If you have any questions about the Key Terms, or would like to comment on the new licensing scheme, please contact PPCA at

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