Simulcast Licensing

Commercial Radio Broadcasters

On 16 December 2013 the Copyright Tribunal confirmed an interim scheme for commercial radio internet simulcasts.  The terms and conditions of the interim licence are set out in the Interim Scheme and Licence Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will apply to those commercial broadcasters granted a simulcast licence until such time as the Copyright Tribunal confirms a final licence.

These arrangements, agreed between the parties, allow commercial broadcasters to continue their simulcast activities without infringing copyright at a nominal quarterly deposit on account, which is further discounted for small regional commercial radio broadcasters.

How to apply for an interim simulcast licence

Under the Interim Scheme any commercial broadcaster wishing to apply for an interim simulcast licence is required to submit the application form to PPCA by 31 January 2014.  To apply please email a scanned copy of the completed form to and post the original to PPCA, PO Box Q20, Queen Victoria Building, NSW 1230.


Community Radio Broadcasters

The abovementioned scheme set by the Copyright Tribunal does not apply to community radio broadcasters.

CBAA Members

Following cooperative discussions, PPCA and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) have settled the terms of the broadcast and simulcast licensing arrangements for CBAA members.  The combined broadcast and simulcast licence is now available for all CBAA members. Please visit the CBAA website for further information: 

Non- CBAA Members

PPCA has a new combined broadcast and simulcast licence for non-CBAA members.If you are not a member of CBAA (and you would like further information regarding simulcast or broadcast licensing), then please contact PPCA at

Simulcast Notification Form

All community radio broadcasters who have opted to obtain a simulcast licence from PPCA, will be required to submit a Simulcast Notification Form in accordance with the terms of the PPCA licence. There are separate forms available for CBAA members and non-CBAA members. Please visit Forms to download the appropriate form for your station.