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Field names with descriptions/help are:-

Track Primary Artist: This should be the name that the track is marketed under (i.e. the Artist/Group Recording Name). For example, for a Simon & Garfunkel track, this field should read ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ rather than ‘Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel’

Release Artist Country/Track Artist Country/Track Other Performers Country: This should be the artist nationality. If you are unsure of an Artist’s Nationally, please leave this field blank, or put ‘unknown’ in this field, and we will match to any pre-existing information in our database.

Track Country Of Origin: Refers to the country of origin of the original maker of the recording. For example, a recording by a US artist signed to a UK label would be considered to have a UK country of origin. As with the Release Artist/Track Country information, if you do not know this information please leave this field blank, or write ‘unknown’.

Catalogue Number:  A catalogue number is a number a record label assigns to a release for identification purposes. Often a catalogue number will be displayed on the spine of a CD. If you retain the rights in your recordings yourself you can assign your own catalogue number. If you do not have a catalogue number you can use the UPC (Universal Product Code) if applicable.

Original Release Label: Label under which the recording was originally issued. Usually denoted by the (P) credit.

Track Version: This should be used where remix information or new re-records of an existing track shoud be shown, for example XYZ remix , or 2014 Version. You should also indicate in this field if the version of the track you are claiming is a live version.

Licensor Percentage Claimed: If you are the sole rights holder for a recording, you should list 100% in this field. If you jointly control the rights in this recording, then you should indicate this here by listing the appropriate percentage. Please note that, in the event that a recording is jointly owned, we will need the other joint rights holder to also be registered with us in order to process claims.

Date Rights Acquired: If you have recently acquired rights to a new catalgoue please indicate here the effective date of that acquisition. Please show date in the format dd/mm/yy. If you have always held the rights then please leave this column blank.

The only fields that are mandatory are:-

Track Name, Track Primary Artist and Licensor Percentage Claimed.

However, other fields may be used to determine if a track is “protected” within Australia for public performance and broadcast. Specifically they are Track Country Recorded, Track Country Of Origin, Track Artist Country, Track Other Performers, Track Other Performers Country.

These may be used to determine the “copyright country” for these tracks, which in turn is used to determine if the track is “protected”. For more information on “protected” sound recordings, check out  ‘What is a ‘protected’ sound recording? in our music user FAQs.


If you have any further questions regarding the spreadsheet, please do not hesitate to contact the Distribution Department at or on (02) 8569 1133.

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