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Before submitting Recording Details, please make sure that you are already a Registered Artist with PPCA (i.e. that you’ve previously had your Artist Registration Form and a Recording Details form processed by us), or that you have submitted an Artist Registration Form. Please also ensure that you have read the Eligibility Criteria at the top of the form.

To register any new recordings, submit a Recording Details Form.

PPCA's distributions must be made annually and PPCA cannot retain funds from one year to the next. Distributions under the scheme are made on the best available airplay sample logs.

Registration forms may be lodged with PPCA at any time, however, for the inclusion in the current year's distribution they must be received at PPCA by no later than 31 August (e.g. year ending June 2021 will be distributed by 31 December 2021. Registrations must be lodged by 31 August 2021).

Please ensure you keep your details updated. If we are unable to make payment to a registered Artist for more than four years, these monies will be paid to the Licensor/record label.

Distributions will be made annually in Australian currency and will be made payable as per the details provided in the Artist Registration Form. Statements will also be provided specifying relevant details including the period to which the payment relates and the sum payable to the artist.

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