A Statement from ARIA and PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd

12 May 2021

“There has been a lot of discussion in recent months about the treatment of women in the workplace and generally in Australian society. Anecdotal and other evidence has suggested for a while that our industry is no different, and the ‘Tunesmiths and Toxicity: Workplace Harassment in the Contemporary Music Industries of Australia and New Zealand’ report by Dr Jeff Crabtree shows this is indeed the case.

“It’s important that our industry comes together to take action and create lasting change. Like all industries and sectors, music must be a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment and workplace for women and for everyone.

“While I have not been at ARIA and PPCA for long, the work has already begun. I am determined and passionate about making a real difference in this area, and our organisations are more than happy to take the leading role in bringing the industry together for this conversation and for action.”