ARIA and PPCA congratulate the Albanese Government

22 May 2022

Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and Phonographic  Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) congratulate Prime Minister Elect, Anthony Albanese, on winning the right to form government after last night’s federal election.

ARIA and PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd, called on the new Labor Government to work closely with all parts of the Australian music industry to support and grow local music businesses and grow the success of Australian artists both here and globally.

“It’s great news that we will have a Prime Minister who loves music and is a huge fan of the Australian music industry and our incredible local artists,” Ms Herd said.

“Despite the challenges of the past two years, the Australian recording industry remains one of the 10 largest in the world. Our size and resilience underlines the value of the music sector as a serious economic contributor and the fact music continues to be a vital part of the fabric of Australian lives.

“Music doesn’t only bring joy, it is a legitimate and powerful economic, cultural and social force. But while other creative industries including film and television have received strong support from government in recent years, the music business has been largely left to fend for itself,” she said.

“We are not asking for any handouts.. We are asking for the new Government to work with the industry to create a stronger future for music, our artists, and all creative industries.

“A strong music economy and recognition of the true economic and cultural value of local music benefits more than artists and music industry professionals. The business of music now extends from legacy music catalogues and IP ownership, to gaming and tech industries and everything in between. With the correct government support, this is a significant potential driver of GDP. It is critical that the real value of music is acknowledged and supported in the same way that the government supports film, television and sport.

“We also welcome Mr Albanese’s commitment to equality, safety, and respect for women and everyone in our society, progressing action on the Uluru Statement From the Heart, and climate action, which are all important issues to members of the local music community.”

Ms Herd reiterated ARIA and PPCA’s support for the three-point plan announced by 16 Australian music industry associations on 11 May.

The three priorities centre around direct investment in the creation of great new Australian music, skills development and global exports, incentivising the use of local content on streaming and broadcast platforms, insurance to provide certainty for local audiences and programs to build industry sustainability through strong intellectual property and national mentorship programs.

Together, the 16 associations represent an industry worth $16 billion a year to the digital, entertainment, hospitality and tourism economies.