ARIA and PPCA welcome live music support from NSW Government

01 February 2022

ARIA and PPCA welcome the $85 million package announced today by the NSW Government, providing desperately needed support for performing arts and live music.   

Within the package is a $5 million grant to music charitable organisation, Support Act, to assist those not eligible under other Government funds and ensure individual NSW artists are not further disadvantaged by the ongoing pandemic.

ARIA and PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd, said: “This package will make a huge difference to artists across the state. Moreover, it is an important step in recognising the economic and cultural value of a sector that has been long suffering as a result of the pandemic. It is my hope this will provide a major confidence boost to artists, performers, promoters and industry professionals, allowing us to begin the long road to rebuilding NSW’s live music scene.  

While this is a critical step forward for NSW, I encourage all levels of Government to consider how further support may be provided to boost confidence in returning live music touring at a national level and help get musicians back to doing what they love for fans across the country.”