LAST CHANCE for $75,000 PPCA Sound Recording Grants

Recording grants supported by PPCA and the Australia Council are closing soon! You have until 3pm Tuesday 4th April to submit your application for one of five new $15,000 grants to assist with the creation of new sound recordings. 

This is the tenth round of grants that have been provided since PPCA and the Australia Council for the Arts first partnered. Some of the previous recipients include ARIA Award winners Courtney Barnett, All Our Exes Live In Texas and Miiesha.

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You should get paid more! 

Did you know that there is a Radio Cap on the amount of broadcast royalties paid by radio stations to Australian artists and businesses? For decades we have called for the removal of this income cap in the Copyright Act, now we are doubling down.

It’s time Australian artists and music businesses get paid fairly for radio play! 

To make this happen we are kicking off a new push to remove the cap and negotiate a fair market price so Australian Artists and music businesses get paid fairly. 

It’s time to Scrap The Caps!

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Josh Pyke elected Chair

“Being the first artist to Chair the Board of PPCA is a huge honour. It’s a time of refocus and rebuilding in the creative sector, and I look forward to continuing PPCA’s work to improve our rights holders’ revenue streams, with a particular eye on the interests of the artist and performer. I’m really excited to be part of the positive changes the music industry is undergoing.”

Josh Pyke, newly elected Chair of PPCA Board 

Senior Legal and Business Affairs Manager at Warner Music Australia, Lauren Pelser, also joined the board as 2023 Observer. 

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TikTok Test - What does it mean for you?

As SMH opens with, ‘TikTok is limiting the number of songs that users can post on its app, an experiment to assess how much they value music in their videos.’ The platform describes it as a “test” and that it “will not be in place for long”.  

ARIA CEO, Annabelle Herd, said: “It is frustrating to see TikTok deliberately disrupt Australians’ user and creator experience in an attempt to downplay the significance of music on its platform. After exploiting artists’ content and relationships with fans to build the platform, TikTok now seeks to rationalise cutting artists’ compensation by staging a ‘test’ of music’s role in content discovery. 

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Have you registered to get paid?

If you want to be included in this year’s round of direct artist payments, you need to be registered by 31 August. You need to register each track that you release.  No need to wait until August 31, you can register them each time they become available

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