PPCA and Australia Council announce all new sound recording grant recipients

03 August 2022

The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) and the Australia Council for the Arts today announced the latest recipients of their partnership program, which to date, has provided $807, 000 in creative grants to Australian musicians.    Ten new recipients of the $15,000 grants to assist with the creation of new sound recordings were announced for the ninth round of grants that have been provided since PPCA and the Australia Council for the Arts first partnered in 2013.   

PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd, said: “It’s always so exciting to see the diversity of Australian artists who receive the grants awarded through PPCA’s partnership with Australia Council. While we are constantly looking to champion Australian music from all who create it, this particular program consistently presents a fantastic opportunity to highlight and invest in Australia’s musical future, ensuring important stories have the chance to be told. 

“I’m so thankful to the Australia Council for their ongoing support, and to all of the artists and professionals who applied this year. I can’t wait to see what is to come for the successful candidates, and for all of Australian music.” Australia Council’s Head of Music, Kirsty Rivers, said: “We are proud to continue to partner with the PPCA to support the development of new recorded music. It’s fantastic to see the diversity of Australian music represented in this latest round. We look forward to hearing what they will produce” 

The latest recipients of the PPCA Australia Council grants are:    

  • Nina Wilson: On the cusp of breaking internationally, Ninajirachi has established a strong local following off the back of a string of compelling singles and EPs. This project will be her debut full-length studio album. 

  • Matthew Keegan: The Australian saxophonist, composer and Freedman Jazz Fellow formed band The Three Seas by bringing together five singular artists from diverse backgrounds including Baul, Himalayan and Bengali Hindu. The band intends to record their fourth album and next major touring production, Vimana at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios (RWS). 

  • Angela (Angie) Hart: The Australian pop singer is crafting and promoting her third solo album which features experiences from 30 years of writing, recording and performing alongside some of the world’s greatest songwriters. This project will be her most significant work to-date, identifiable in its universal humanness and touching on subjects like mental health, intergenerational trauma, domestic abuse, infertility, and grief. 

  • Lucas Abela: Creating and promoting a collaborative album that fuses his textural glass noise with the thunderous drumming talent of Zach Hill from Death Grips. The idea for the project was inspired from lockdown for a sound better suited to an audience listening remotely. 

  • Taka Perry: Incorporating learning experiences from the pandemic, the Australian-Japanese artist is developing and releasing a dual-language debut EP with each release recorded in the country’s mother tongue, both English and Japanese. The project will also integrate partnerships with native artists that help to cross-pollinate musical ventures and establish stronger bilateral relationships. 

  • Natalie Bartsch: The Melbourne-based award-winning pianist and composer is recording Hope Renewed, a jazz/post-rock reinterpretation of her 2021 album, Hope. The album aims to join her two worlds, as a neoclassical pianist and a jazz and classical composer, providing a unique foothold into the international market.  

  • Tiana Naug: Melbourne-based future soul artist, Tiana Khasi, will record her debut LP, Balm, which will continue to honour her Samoan and Indian culture and communities. The project will contain two contrasting sides: the A-side highlighting jazz and soul music roots; and the B-side, paying homage to dance music.  

  • Ryan Hutcheson: As a long-time collaborator with critically acclaimed Barkindji Song Woman, Nancy Bates, the pair have made several songs together and will now embark on recording a full-length album that is of cultural and humanitarian importance. The project will consist of new compositions and reworkings of previously unreleased songs. 

  • Christopher Moses: The manager of Australian punk group, Frenzal Rhomb, working with highly influential producers to record a new album for the band. The project was started in 2018 but was stalled because of the pandemic and significant financial losses. The album will be the longest between releases. 

  • Tania Frazer: Recording five new works featuring Southern Cross Soloists (SXS) Digeridoo Soloist in Residence, Wakka Wakka man Chris Williams, to showcase the culturally distinctive instrument and honour unique First Nation’s cultural practices.  

For more information on how to apply for a grant head to: https://australiacouncil.gov.au/funding/funding-index/PPCAAustralia-Council-Partnership/