What we do

What We Do

We grant licences for the broadcast, communication or public playing of recorded music (e.g., CDs, records and digital downloads) or music videos. We then distribute the licence fees we collect to the record labels and Australian recording artists registered with us, under our Distribution Policy.

There are at least two copyrights in most recordings and music videos:

  1. The copyright in the musical works (the written lyrics and composition) - licences are available from APRA; and
  2. The copyright in the recording and/or music video (the recorded version of the musical work) - 'blanket' licences are available from PPCA, or licences can be sought directly from the copyright owners/rights holder.

The benefits of playing recorded music in your business are many and varied. We make it simple to put music to work for you with a ‘blanket’ licence that covers nearly all recordings commercially released in Australia.

In fact, we currently license over 55,000 venues Australia-wide, including clubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, fitness centres, shops, halls and dance studios, and also grant licences to radio and TV stations.

Giving Back To Australian Music

After our administration costs are taken out, the licence fees we collect are distributed amongst three groups:

  1. the owner or exclusive licensee of the copyright in the recording (usually a record label) who is registered with us as a licensor
  2. Australian recording artists who performed on an Australian recording and who are registered with us as artist;
  3. the PPCA Performers’ Trust Foundation (a trust fund that makes grants for the encouragement of music and the performing arts).  

By collecting licence fees and passing them on to the people who provide the music in our lives, we’re not only protecting their rights, we’re making sure that they can continue to make music for us all to enjoy.

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