Register Tracks

Register Tracks

You’re considered to be a Licensor one we have returned a fully executed copy of your Input Agreement for your records.  Your Input Agreement will initially be sent to you for signature when you register as a licensor.


As a Licensor, you need to advise us of your recordings. To do this please complete and return this spreadsheet via email to We recommend reading this page for helpful information and what you should do if you are unsure of or do not know details of the information requested.


Once we’ve updated our records one of our distribution officers will send confirmation (including a list of your registered tracks). You only need to register recordings once, if you create new recordings or acquire rights to additional recordings then you need only need to advise us of these new and/or additional recordings.


PPCA's distributions must be made annually and PPCA cannot retain funds from one year to the next. Distributions are made on the best available airplay sample logs.

Registration forms may be lodged with PPCA at any time, however, for the inclusion in the current year's distribution they must be received at PPCA by no later than 31 August (e.g. year ending June 2021 will be distributed by 31 December 2021. Registrations must be lodged by 31 August 2021).

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